Warranty Conditions By Brands

Centro Cycles Sdn Bhd is an authorised dealer for the brands
Centro Cycles Sdn Bhd carries and we offer a limited warranty in accordance with the different warranty conditions offered by the brands.

To find out more about your product coverage, you may refer to the following links.

  • KASK (https://www.kask.com/en/support/faq.htm)
  • Evoc (https://data.evocsports.com/component/k2/warranty)
  • 3T Cycling (https://company.3t.bike/3t-group-warranty-policy/)
  • Ale Cycling (https://aleclothing.com/warranty-returns/)
  • DMT (https://www.dmtcycling.com/en/garanzia)
  • KOO (https://kooworld.cc/row/en/customer-service/)
  • Arudendel (https://www.arundelbike.com/arundel-care-warranty-returns/)
  • Kogel (https://www.kogel.cc/pages/product-warranty)

Void Warranty

Your product warranty is void if your product

  • has not been used, maintained, altered, or repaired according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • was sold disassembled, or only partially assembled
  • was transferred to a third party
  • was altered or improperly used

Not Covered

Your warranty will not cover the following issues:

  • Worn parts, adjustments, cleaning, service, maintenance or tune-ups
  • Damage or injury caused by neglect, lack of maintenance, improper maintenance improper installation and/or assembly, accident, crashes, collisions, or abnormal operations
  • Damage or injury caused by abuse, misuse, improper use, negligence, modification, alteration, removal or parts, tampering or disassembly
  • Damage or injury caused by the use or installation of an accessory or part not manufactured or sold
  • Cosmetic conditions or surface corrosion from chips or scratches in the paint
  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear
  • Deterioration such as discoloration, fading, or deformation
  • Labor, shipping, and transportation charges

Warranty Claim

The warranty period starts from the day the product is purchased and claims should be made through the Centro Cycles Sdn Bhd where your purchase was made in a ready-to-ride condition.

If you believe that your purchase is covered under warranty, submit a claim here. You will be required to upload a copy of your purchase receipt, together with a description of the issue you are facing and its supporting media. An incomplete submission with no purchase reciept will not be processed.

Validation of warranty claims for parts and/or service will be determined by the sole discretion of Cycle Project Pte Ltd. Our decision will be conclusive and binding.

In the event that a component requires replacement during the warranty period, an identical component will be used OR if it is no longer available, a component of similar form and function to the original will be used instead.