3T: ARXA Team Adjustable Stem 100mm



  • ARXA is an adjustable stem evolved from the race-proven ARX fixed stem. It was originally developed to help smaller riders achieve a lowaerodynamic position on the barsbut can equally be used to raise the bars.
  • With 33° of articulation to either side of the fulcrumthe 100-mm ARXA TEAM offers a very wide range of height adjustment. Setting stem height can be problematic for bike fitespecially for smaller riders wanting to achieve a comfortable aerodynamic position. Laser-etched markings help accurately record the desired angle within the total arc of 66°.
  • ARXA’s front section is hinged to the rear section via a DiffLock™ splined coupling. This provides a securenon-slip fixing thatonce adjustedlocks securely in place. DiffLock is a 3T-patented technology also employed in the PALLADIO seatpostproviding a definitive ‘lock’ without the need for high torque values.
  • ARXA TEAM is built in AL 7075 T6 alloy andat 255 gis way lighter than any previous articulated stem.

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